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The Toledo Police Museum would like to thank retired Retired Captain Mark Mason for bringing this story to the museum.


Believing that the murder of Toledo Police Officer George Zientara had never been solved, Mason conducted extensive research, discovering a connection between Zientara's murder and two Thompson sub machine guns used in the St. Valentine’s Day massacre of February 14, 1929 - an event that eventually brought about the downfall of the Alphonse Capone empire in Chicago.

His curiosity, dedication and tenacity has provided the most accurate description of events ever collected on the The American Railway Express Company Robbery in Toledo, the resulting murder of Officer George Zientara, and the involvement of Fred "Killer" Burke,accomplice with Raymond "Crane Neck" Nugent, in these events and the events of the St. Vanlentine's Day massacre in Chicago, Illinois.

Officers John Biskupski and George Zientara had no idea who they were about to encounter on that fateful day in 1928.

Click here to read the story in its entirety or click a photo below to access part of the story.

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