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Our Chiefs

In 1867, the first Board of Police Commissioners was appointed by Governor Jacob D. Cox. A budget of $21,980 was prepared to create the Toledo Metropolitan Police Department. The Board appointed 19 patrolmen and Henry L. Breed was chosen as the first Superintendent of Police at a salary of $1,500 per year.

Chief Edward O'Dwyer 1885-1892.jpg
Chief Benjamin Raitz - 1900.jpg
Perry Knapp at VanLooStudio-309Superior 1900-1902.JPG
Steedman, General James Blair (1882-1883) (TPMI 203).jpg
James R Smith.jpg
Chief George A  Murphey from gr grandaudtr marilynn machin.jpg
Inspector Louis J H Haas-1922.jpg
Officer Ray Allen.jpg
Chief Vetter0001.jpg
Chief Mason.jpg
DC James Wiegand.jpg
jack Smith1.jpg
IMG_0009ret 8x10 color.jpg
Henry J Herbert0001.jpg
Delehanty, William (Feb 1932 - March 1932).jpg
Chief McGrath - August 1974.jpg
Chief Kwiatkowski.jpg
Chief Gerald Galvin (1994-1998) (5) copy.jpg
Jennings, Harry (1922-1928) (TPMI 197).jpg
Chief Daniel Wolfe.jpg
Chief Robert Duck.jpg
Chief Walter Scoble pic2 (2).jpg
Chief Felker.jpg
Chief Michael Navarre.jpg
Chief Moton 2014.jpg
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