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Virtual Exhibits

Old Sparky

The chair, an exact replica of Ohio's electric chair "Old Sparky," was on loan for over a year from the Mansfield Reformatory Preservation Society.

Our Research Library

Newspaper articles, scrapbooks, annual reports, and the story of the Toledo Police Blotters, now in the custody of the Museum.

Safety Building Mural

The mural painted on the second floor of the Safety Building was six years in the making and a masterpiece of true talent and heart.

Owney, the Postal Dog Wonder

Owney, the famous postal dog, met his tragic demise in Toledo . . . it is still unclear what the actual facts are surrounding the incident . . .

The Chiefs

How many men have sat in the chief's office and who were they . . . get the facts.

Photo Collections

A collections of photographs to stir your imagination and your memories.

Our Fallen

Thirty-one men who honorably served  this city did not go home to their families at the end of their shift. Their watch ended instead with the ultimate sacrifice.

"Bum" - Toledo's First Police Pooch

Bum, the first Toledo Police Canine, was a vagabond volunteer who wandered into the old police station on Superior during roll call.

The Range at Bay View Park

The Toledo Police Division pistol range at Bay View Park was built entirely by members of the police department.

Cops and Robbers

One of the oldest stories in the book . . . bad guys . . . and the good guys who dedicate their lives to lessening their impact on society.


The Toledo Police Museum is currently working on a searchable historical database for Toledo Police Officers.

Black and Blue

Black and Blue is the history of African Americans on the Toledo Police Department from the first pioneers to present day.

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