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Flat Murphy

Who is Flat Murphy and how do I get one?

Flat Murphy was inspired by the popular Flat Stanley and created for the Toledo Police Museum by Rachel Thieman. 

Young (and young at heart) visitors can take their free Flat Murphy home with them after their visit to the Toledo Police Museum. Or, click here and print up your own Flat Murphy at home!


We encourage children to explore being a policeman on their own terms.

We welcome you to share with us the exciting places that Flat Murphy travels to, and all of his adventures! We look forward to hearing from you!

FOR PARENTS: This is a great opportunity to have fun and explore the “life of a police officer” with your child.


We require parental consent to post a photos submitted by a juvenile. Please provide a preferred method of contact with the submission and if the photo is selected, one of our volunteers will contact you for permission prior to the photo being posted.


No photo will be posted without consent.

Thank you to the Flat Stanley Project for their permission to borrow their format to create Flat Murphy.


Click on the photo links below to learn about Flat Stanley.

Dale Hubert's Flat Stanley Project
Creator of Flat Stanley, Jeff Brown
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