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Photo Collection: Toledo Police Vehicles

2000 Ford Police Interceptor

Courtesy Toledo Blade

Police and 2 motorized patrol wagons, early 1900s

2004 speed van

1937 Ford Wagons. "Black Mariahs"

2006 Ford Police Interceptor

SWAT smaller wagon, photo taken in 2007

Ray Kurdys and Glen Smith, Scout 6

1922 Reo's and Indian Motorcycles

1970 Plymouth Fury - stuck!

2013 Ford suv with new design

1901 Photo in front of the East Toledo building where police patrol wagons and horses were kept. Patrolman is Lewis Barger.


1921 Marmon Model 34b Speedsters, manned by a uniform driver and three plain clothes officers armed with rifles & shotguns (later machine-guns). Uniformed officers not pictured here.

1930 Willys Whippet C101 Wagon

1933 Ford with future chief Officer Ray Allen and Major Charles Roth

Courtesy Toledo Blade

1936 Ford Accident Prevention Bureau vehicle.

1937 Ford Sedan Delivery Wagon

Courtesy Toledo Blade

Hospital emergency room entrance,1950s.

2011 Ford Police Interceptor

Safety car 1935

1992 Chevy Caprice

1948 Ford Sedan Delivery Wagon parked in Safety Building barn.

1947 or 48 Ford Business Coupe

2008 Charger

2001 Chevy Impala

Courtesy Toledo Blade

1946 Ford Accident Investigation Bureau vehicle

Courtesy Toledo Blade

1950 Ford Deluxe. Police were preparing new fleet to battle "hot-rodders" and other motoring law breakers. Powered by 110-horsepower motors, the cars were capable of reaching speeds between 110 and 115 mph and had "exceedingly rapid pick up."

1950's police car on Safety Building ramp.

2013 Fords with new design

1950s wagon

2009 Brand new wagon getting prepped for delivery.

1954 International Wagon

1957 Ford Custom

68 Ford

Courtesy Toledo Blade

1962 Ford Galaxie, awaiting a speeder

Courtesy Toledo Blade

1963 Ford Custom getting city seal put on vehicle door.

1963 van

1987 Chevy Caprice

Courtesy of Toledo Blade

1914 Willys Wagon & 1915 Willys S81 Car

1991 Chevy Caprice

1965 Ford Custom

SWAT wagon, photo taken in 2007

Media Campaign for New Wagons

1930 Willys Wagon

1968 Ford Custom

74 Dodge School Safety vehicle

1970 Plymouth Fury with directional arrows.

1998 Ford Police Interceptor. Merry Christmas?

1983 Chevy Malibu, car 203 in "rat alley."

1973 Dodge Polara, parked in "the hole'" presently where 1 Government Center sits.

1974 Plymouth Gran Fury

95 Ford

1976 & 1977 police vehicles parked in "the hole" with backdrop of Common Pleas Court.

Courtesy Toledo Blade

Marmon speed car and Indian motorcyle.

1977 & 1978 Plymouth Furys parked in "the hole."

1977 Dodge Royal Monaco

1978 Plymouth with trunk equipment

81 Chevy

87 Wagon

87 Wagon with new design.

1982 & 1984 Plymouth Reliant K cars.

1983 Chevy Malibu

1984 Plymouth Fury

1988 Plymouth Fury, with Elaine Higgins "the bag lady."

1989 Ford Crown Victoria

1989 Ford Crown Victoria's at the muni gas station -named "204" after it's old telephone extension.

Detective vehicles - Plymouth Reliants, 1983.

91 Chevy

Courtesy Toledo Blade

Officers near police emergency vehicle, 1914 Peerless

1914 Peerless Copy

Copy naming officers in the 1914 Peerless photo and giving history.

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