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The Toledo Police Museum Virtual Exhibits compliment our museum by displaying items owned by the museum that are difficult to physically display.
In our newest addition to our virtual exhibits, COPS AND ROBBERS, we tell stories of our past that are rich in content and expose very broad stories that have been impossible to share before.
Apologies for this exhibit  taking longer than expected. We have so much information! 
Serafino Sinatra "Wop English"
The Italian mafia's attempt
to establish themselves in
Toledo in the 1920s and 1930s
and the men of the
Toledo Police Hoodlum Squad
who worked to thwart their efforts.
It is time to start thinking about green grass, sunshine, shade trees, good food, good company and oh yeah, some beautiful classic cars and bikes.
The Eighth Annual Toledo Police Museum Cops and Rodders Car and Bike Show will be held on June 28, 2020 from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m.
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Toledo Police Department VLOGs!
The Toledo Police Department created a part-time social media team made up of officers from across the department. The team creates VLOGS to help the community understand what we do.
At no time in history have we had such an opportunity to reach so many with our story.
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Own a call box and wonder where it was located? Get the number from your box and click here to check the Patrolman's Guide for its place in history!


The construction of the Police Alarm Signal System began in 1907. By 1916, there were 136 Gamewell Police Alarm boxes in service. Eventually the police alarm system would have 1,056 miles of wire, almost all underground, serving 248 alarm boxes and 51 auxiliary telephone circuits. Some would be equipped with lights that could be seen at great distances.

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