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The Workhouse

The former Toledo House of Correction near the village of Whitehouse operated from 1918 until 1991 and housed people serving sentences for misdemeanor crimes. Inmates at the correction facility, commonly known as the workhouse, grew vegetables, raised hogs and cattle, and quarried limestone on the farm.
The Toledo Police Museum was given permission to collect items from the Workhouse and document its condition before it was demolished. CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS AND VIDEO.
FOP Wives make sandwiches for picnic 1967.jpg

Caption: It was the summer of 1967 when this group of Auxiliary members of the Toledo Fraternal Order of Policemen were making sandwiches for the annual picnic [at the Workhouse].


Pictured from left to right, are: Beverly Moore, Sally Cooley, Delores Mattock, Vivian Kasha, Danny Arendt and Angie Tierney. (Thanks for the memories, Beverly Moore of Swanton, Ohio.)

work picnic at Workhouse early 60's.jpg

A Toledo Police Department Picnic at the Workhouse in either 1962 or 63. A HUGE THANK YOU to NORM GRODI for sharing these photos!

Back Row: Ed Fugate, Bob Matecki, an English Bobby whose name has been lost to time, Tom Hall and Norm Grodi. Front Row: Dick Haberstock, Celine Marciniak, Tom Beaudry and Bob Pitzen.

Annual Reports
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