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The Police Shield

Bob’s Poiry's memories of how the Shield Newspaper came to be:

I was a young detective and Jim Caygill was the president of the Patrolman's Union at the time. It was shortly after Miscannon was executed and the street cops were taking a real lickin' - both on the street and in the morale department - not to mention that the higher-ups and the administration were on us all the time.


I was in the hallway of 212 on the 2nd floor of the Safety Building, when Caygill approached me and asked if I could come up with a Newspaper for the Patrolman. Hmmmm, I thought. Having worked moonlighting for an advertising agency as an artist, I thought alright, maybe I can. I told Jim I would look into it.


The first thing I had to look into was how to physically produce a newspaper, then how to pay for it. I found several volunteers to help and then went to a Union Printer in Toledo, Paryski Printing.


My job was to start and run the paper as the founding Editor and told Caygill I would run the paper for 1 year and turn it over to someone else. The paper took off and was a real hit on the streets. I decided to throw a big Entertainment Show at the Masonic Temple for the citizens of Toledo. It was a way to show our appreciation also. We called on an old time Vaudeville entertainer named "Cab Calloway" and others. We filled the house and it went over great.


Well I have to tell ya, I was Cub Scout Pack Leader, playing in a Band from time to time, and working a lot of hours in 212. I didn't last the whole year. It was way too draining on me and my young family.


Just a side note; I wanted to name the paper "The Shield", but LOF also at that time had an internal company employee paper called "the Shield". It was just a small single fold monthly flyer. I had a meeting the president of LOF and he gave me permission to use the same name. I also used Miscannon's Badge for the cover page logo.

James Caygill, President TPPA with B Poiry Cartoon 1971 (2).jpg

Jim Caygill at his retirement, holding a cartoon drawn by Bob Poiry. The cartoon states " I'd like to clear up one point, I'm not quitting because I have to, I'm quitting because i was asked to!"


Caygill went on to have a long career in law enforcement, working for the US Treasury Department as an ATF agent, and later as Chief of Police for both Woodhaven, Michigan and Huron Township, Michigan.

Detective Bob Poiry

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